We Believe in Long-Term, Research-Driven Partnerships

to Support You

Successfully managing investment portfolios requires the combined efforts of several specialists. To help us help you achieve your goals, we have aligned ourselves with some of the best specialists in our industry.

Two of the key strategic partners who influence our approach to investing and the experience we create for you as a client are Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and the Charles Schwab Corporation.

Please note that our “partnership” with both DFA and Schwab is completely independent, unbiased, and without any formal or informal contract between PFG Investments and our partners. One hundred percent of our compensation comes directly from our clients, so we are not persuaded to do anything but serve our clients to the best of our ability and understanding.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) manages the actual mutual funds (selects the individual stocks and bonds) we use to build our clients' (and our own) investment portfolios.

Why We Chose DFA to Support Our Mission

From its inception in 1981, DFA has been a company built by people who live by the same values we operate with at Practice Financial Group. Specifically, our interactions with the people at DFA have proven to us that DFA is far more focused on what they can give than what they get in return.

From an investment philosophy perspective, DFA applies demanding academic research to real-world, practical investing. Their methods have been tested by rigorous study, as well as by their track record over the last four decades.

We’ve chosen to build our model portfolios with DFA funds because of this time-tested, research-based, low-cost approach to investing. While there is no special strategy that guarantees success, we believe DFA provides the most consistent and clear approach that we have found.


The Charles Schwab Corporation is our chosen custodian, which means their role is to independently hold and safeguard your assets. Schwab also executes any trades we place on your behalf.

Why We Chose Schwab to Support Our Mission

Schwab has been a trusted name in financial services for decades and is one of the nation’s largest bank and brokerage firms in terms of assets.

We work with Schwab because of their straightforward and fair approach to account and trading fees. When you pay less in fees, you keep more money in your account, and you gain an upper hand toward successfully reaching your financial goals.

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