Investment Management That Invests In Your Life

We help you create a comprehensive business and personal financial system that results in a healthy practice and a well-rounded life.

Your practice is the machine of the entire process.

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Practice Financial Group will build and manage the system to identify and direct your positive cash flow.

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At work, you put in time and energy to generate a positive cash flow.

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As cash flows from your business to your investments, PFG Investments will create the strategy to put your cash to work.

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As your investment portfolio grows, it will eventually replace you as the cash flow engine, allowing you to step out of your practice permanently.

Working With Us

Our Process

Step 1

We start with a comprehensive review of your financial operations to ensure that you have the right systems in place to generate and direct cash flow to the right places. This work is done through Practice Financial Group, our firm responsible for accounting, tax, and financial planning.

Step 2

We perform regular comprehensive financial reviews that inform us of your unique, ongoing, and evolving needs. We achieve a much higher level of detail and quality by looking at your whole life, as opposed to only your retirement accounts.

Step 3

Our intense financial diagnosis and planning is all part of a larger goal to help you make better financial decisions throughout your life, so that you actually make financial progress. Everything we do--from education to utilizing the best financial tools available--is designed to maximize the probability of your success.

Step 4

Once your diagnosis is complete, we will help you transfer your accounts and set up an automatic funding plan to make sure you stay on track with how much you need to invest to reach the financial goals you’ve set for yourself and your family.

Step 5

We will do the heavy lifting of tracking your contributions and distributions, keeping your account in line with your risk tolerance, and more. We focus on the big picture and the smallest of details so you can put your time towards your family and business, instead of your account balance.

A Custom Strategy for Every Person

Together, we create a personal financial plan for your entire life, not just your investments. With our education and experience as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM, we utilize a skilled, tax-efficient approach to building investment portfolios.

Combined with tax efficiency, we believe that a research-driven and scientific approach to asset allocation and diversification, creates the core necessary to optimize each portfolio.

The Core of a Financial Plan

The core of each plan is to create and utilize cash as efficiently as possible; the details of that plan will be different for everyone.

We diagram a course of action for you with questions like these:

  • When and how much should you invest back into your practice?
  • Should you expand your office, buy a building, equip a new operatory, or hire an associate?
  • Should you pay off debt, start a 401(k), or spend more at home?
  • How much will you need to invest to reach your long-term retirement goals?
  • How much risk should you take in your investment portfolio?

The principles that govern personal finances are the same for all of us, but how you apply these principles in your life will vary based on your unique circumstances.

One Part of a Larger Whole

Investment management is only one part of a larger whole.
When you work with us, we ask you to be “all in” with our approach to managing your professional and personal finances.

Consolidating services can help simplify your life, provide you with higher quality service, and help you make more confident financial decisions. As your complete financial advisor, we know every detail of your personal finances, and your business.

We provide our complete, end-to-end services through Practice Financial Group to help us serve you best. The full suite of Practice Financial Group services includes:

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